Diaper Rash

Just want to share an experience I had with just one of the many wonderful uses of the acid water from Ionways Alkaline Antioxidant water filters. I have been battling a diaper rash on my daughters bum for over a month. I have tried over 6 different kinds of zinc ointment as well as salves, oils, creams, you name it I've tried it. Nothing was working; in fact it was only getting worse. It got so bad that it looked like chemical burns on her bum. Leaving a diaper off didn't even work!!! I had heard of the acid water helping with different kinds of skin irritations and thought " I have nothing to lose" So when changing her diaper, instead of using a wipe I soaked a cloth with the acid water, cleaned the area and let it air dry, while applying an ointment to protect from further damage. Within 24 hours the rash was completely gone!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it. Something so simple and natural as water. Anyway it has been just over a week and no sign of the rash returning. In fact after the 24 hours there was no sign of the rash even being there in the first place!!! Now that's peace of mind. Thought I would share this experience in hopes of helping other Mom's with diaper rash.
Sara Durrant


Arthritis Pain

About five weeks ago my friend, Darlene, called me and told me she had been using this alkaline water for the past two months and the results she was experiencing were unbelievable.  She could not believe the energy she had and the pains in her stomach that she had for years were all gone.  She asked me to go to one of her meetings to find out more about the water, meet the other people who were using the water, and then try it for myself if I wanted.

So I thought, what could it hurt.  I went to the meeting that week and listened to several people who spoke about the amazing benefits they were all having from drinking the alkaline water.  I began drinking the water that week and within two weeks the swelling in my legs and ankles seemed to disappear.  Several years ago my doctor told me the arthritis in both my knees made me a perfect candidate for knee replacement in a few years.  My legs would ache so much that they would keep me awake at night tossing and turning.  I had trouble walking without holding on to furniture or a wall and every day my legs were feeling weaker and weaker. My leg problems made me feel like I was walking on stilts.  They were so stiff that I could hardly bend them. 

Then one day, about two weeks after I was on the alkaline water, I had been at a friend’s house and went to sit down on the sofa and proceeded to sit down with both legs bent on the sofa.  It wasn’t until the next morning that I realized I had not been able to sit like that for the past five years at least.  My knees were still hurting me but everyday I could feel them hurting a little bit less.  Going up and down stairs is where I’m also seeing a big improvement.  I used to have to take little baby steps to walk down steps and could not walk up steps without holding on to something and my knees would be extremely painful when I did.  I have to go up a step to get to the entryway to my house and I began noticing every day that I was on the water it was getting easier and easier for me to go up the step.  After five weeks of being on the water, I find I can go up these steps without thinking about them and without feeling any pain.  I also am sleeping much better, more relaxed without all the tossing and my legs bend without them hurting.

The power of this water is amazing.  I would not believe these results if it wasn’t actually happening to me.  You need to try this water for yourself and see the results firsthand.

Betty Knapp    11-21-08



Hello everyone!  I have had severe migraines for almost 30 years.  I have tried just about everything there is out there, many famous Dr.'s,  every gadget for migraines, every type of medication, every alternative therapy, a myriad of supplements, changed everything I eat, how I sleep, purifiers, magnets,  etc.....  You get the picture.

When I get a migraine it usually hits around 2:00 in the morning and that starts about 5-7 days of excruciating head pain.  I get stabbing pains in  my right eye,  throw up for a day or two, and then dry heave for another day or two.

I usually lose about 10 pounds when this happens because I can't eat, and I'm already slim.  Medication may or may not work and if it doesn't  I have to go to the neurologist who puts shots into my head. If that doesn't work I go to the E.R. and have shots and an I.V.

Most times I can stop it if my medication is used immediately, but this last year I've had several intense migraines sometimes monthly. I was introduced to the water by Darlene, but I was very skeptical.  How can this water be any different from all the water I already drink?

I started drinking the water Sept 2nd.  That next day I got a bad headache, almost a migraine, and we realized that because I'm so sensitive, I have to start on level 1 and not level 3, as I realized I was detoxing.

On Sept. 27 I got a horrible migraine again, but realized that this one was related to an injury and not my typical migraine scenario. 

Since Sept. 27th, I have had about 3 minor headaches, and at Thanksgiving I will have gone 2 months without a major migraine!  All I have changed is that I have been drinking this alkaline water and getting hydrated.  I am now up to half level 2 and half level 3 and I keep bumping it up every week to eventually just be on level 3.

The jury is still out, but I am quickly becoming a believer.  If you suffer or know anyone who suffers from migraines, this water is totally worth trying.  Can it really be that something this easy and simple can change my life so radically?  I am excited to keep on it and see what happens.  Check back with me in a few months and I'm hoping to continue my great report.  Till then, I'll just keep drinking the water!!!!  

Marcia Mervich