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Dr. Emoto (world famous scientist renowned for his water molecular research states that the water from the IonWays manufacturer is the purest he has ever tested.  There are also dowsers (if you believe in vibrational energy) who insist that the IonWays water is 25% "better" than that from a Kangen unit.  We now believe that IonWays, new to Canada in April of this year, is the number one water ionizer worldwide, for many reasons, which will be shown at the next water party!

The websites to check out Ionways are: (some great videos to watch here) click on the left hand side about 5 down where it says  'Alkaline Water Videos' and watch the one hour video entitled: The Untold Truth About the Water You Drink at the very bottom!

Dr. Emoto decided to test water from a Jupiter Science Orion Water Alkalizer and the result is below. The Delphi and Aquarius also use the same water cell technology as the unit tested.
This is the first time alkaline, ionized water from a water ionizer has been tested by Mr. Emoto. From the Hado Institute:

"Water is one of the most indispensable substances for the life of human beings. Let's think about the water inside our body. Generally, it is said that about 90% or more of the embryonic body is water. Regarding an infant, about 80% of its body is water and an adult 70%. As we grow older, the percentage of water in our body decreases.

Here at IONLIFE we totally agree. Why does a baby smell so sweet? Because he or she is made of sweet smelling, alkaline saline, naturally mineralized water.

That distilled water is not like rain water has been shown by Dr. Emoto using Magnetic Resonance Analysis (see image above). While rain water contains oxygen and minerals and crystallizes into snow flakes, distilled water has no crystalline structure and is very acidic once exposed to air.

"It is not enough to take in a necessary quantity of water inside the body, but we should take the quality of water into consideration. For instance, the district where a lot of long life people live is blessed with high quality from natural resources. In other words, it is becoming common sense that there are a lot of correlations between the health and the quality of water which we drink every day.

Today, even if the water that we drink or use does not contain any detrimental ingredient, the quality of water is not always satisfactory. It is becoming clear that the formation of water crystals reflects the quality of the water. I would be pleased if you would deepen your understanding and interest toward water when you see the photographs that are reported here."

Masaru Emoto

President of I.H.M. General Institute, http://ionizers.org/emoto.html

Alkaline water regulates your body's temperature, cushions and protects vital organs, aids in digestion, transports nutrients within each cell, and dispels acidic wastes.

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