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attended by Dr. Ross Anderson, DC & Randy Hood

Attended by Joanne Giesbrecht

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Good Life Fitness

crystal jewelry and the metaphysical properties

Uplifted with Alara Serait


Jennifer Lidstone

Julie Shelan
Colon Hydrotherapy is now:
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Gentle Cleansing and Detoxifying with water
Sharon Lapierre
Suzanne Wilson
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Lodge Inn Retreat - Resonance Repaterning

Suki & Randall Fox
Cherryville, BC

Sukhi P Fox is a Practitioner of Resonance Repatterning. This unique system uses muscle checking to access the information everyone has stored inside them about their patterns and issues, and then shifts their resonance with them.
It is a fascinating experience of Quantum Physics in action, and extraordinary outcomes are expected! She offers helpful free 15-minute demonstrations of this remarkable method. She also offers personal and group repatterning sessions.