dr. ross anderson, dc

Anitoxidant Alkalized water, Importance of proper Hydration

Retired Chiropractor & Naturopathic Physician
Health Motivator and Educator

308-3104 30th Ave.
Vernon, BC  V1T 9M9

Graduate:   Canadian Chiropractic College 1976

Instructor:  Canadian Chiropractic College from 1976-1978

Graduate:  Canadian Naturopathic College 1982

Active practice in Chiropractic from 1976-2006
-1976-1984 Toronto, Ontario
-1984-2006 Peterborough, Ontario

Active Naturopathic Medicine practice from 1982-2006
-1982-1984 Toronto, Ontario
-1984-2006 Peterborough, Ontario

Modalities employed in practice
-Applied Kinesiology
-Botanical Medicine
-Ortho-molecular Nutrition
-Cellular detoxification
-Lifestyle management
-Geopathic analysis
-Magnetic Field Therapy
-Electronic Muscle Balancing
-Deep Tissue Release
-Live Blood Analysis
-Hair Analysis
-Oriental Medicine

Consultant and Educational Facilitator for Awareness Corporation from 1995-2002
-Numerous video and audio tapes produced and articles written to              assist customers with understanding products and processes
-Regular conference calls assisting customer product understanding
-Regular personal appearances at conferences to assist distributors with product knowledge
-Numerous radio appearances for assisting public awareness of product effectiveness

Consultant and Educational Facilitator for Matol Corporation from April-Sept. 2003

Presently retired from active practice due to a shoulder injury.

Survived a close call with a deadly cancer (Metastatic Squamous Cell Carcinoma) through alternative treatment in 2005

Presently involved in product development of energetic devices for aiding people in analyzing and correcting energetic disturbances.

Presently writing a book about cancer survival and alternative treatment.