Louise Narine

Easily Clearing the 12 Core Dynamics of Common Problems

Throughout my lifetime, I’ve always been attracted to the healing arts and ‘complementary fields’ – spending many years working in health food stores and various wellness enterprises.
With certification in many Healing modalities (such as Reiki, Quantum Healing, NLP, Yuen Energetic Healing, Signature Cell Healing, Reconnective Healing, ‘The Reconnection’ and others); I have also taken many personal development courses including the Context Associated series.

I am simply passionate about Human Software Engineering, WaveMaker Coaching and Human Design Systems as I personally have gained so, so much since discovering them. Through extensive training and personal coaching, I have gained the experience necessary to be of true assistance to others, and really am satisfied in my field of work. With advanced courses ahead, my journey is ongoing!

My lifetime passions have been metaphysics / spirituality and flower gardening. Many of my greatest teachers have been non-physical energetic Beings of great love, wisdom, compassion and humour – and my human teachers are too numerous to list here (with the exception of Tom Stone).

My Human Design is a 6/2 Generator with the single defined ‘Channel of Discovery’. This means in part that I know my direction, commit to experience it thoroughly and only fully understand the gifts and magic of it all at the end…so I repeat, my journey is ongoing! It is paramount that I live my design with authenticity, congruency and integrity.

Recently moved to the N. Okanagan with my cat Black-Ki, my intention is to create a safe space for many forms of healing, sharing little-known cutting edge systems for accelerated learning, and more importantly, to help each person in the shift to knowing and feeling what is true and correct for themselves. I have a deep interest in women’s empowerment.

I am proud to offer a clean, beautiful, private, professional, comfortable and casual environment for these services. I have a room set aside for clothed healing sessions as well as a classroom and coaching center with LazYBoy recliners and a winter fireplace. I welcome you.

The 12 Core Dynamics insights, the Pure Awareness Techniques, WaveMaker and Human Design are major quantum leaps for the fields of inner work, personal development and coaching. If you want to solve problems and get breakthroughs where you just haven’t been able to get them before, this is the answer you’ve been looking for.
permanent, fast, safe, easy, painless, inexpensive, resolutions
with rare, unique and nearly exclusive integrated services:

Using state-of-the-art bioresonance technology, training in techniques and homeopathies, I can assist you as a

  • Human Software Engineer
  • WaveMaker Coach
  • Living your Design’ Guide
  • Educator  and New Energy teacher
  • Vibrational healer

Member of the Association of Biofeedback and Bioresonance Practitioners

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Quantum Shift Center
By appointment only
Coldsteam, BC, Canada
Email: Quantum.Shift@shaw.ca (Watch for the upcoming website!)           
Newly established in the N. Okanagan, I look forward to meeting you!