Kelley wright

Kelley Wright
Active Meditation
The courses offer a unique energetic system designed to help you open to your full potential through specific course work, active meditation practice and healings. You may choose courses in the areas of relationship, career, prosperity and manifestation, or you may simply seek to know yourself more intimately in the truth of who you really are.

In every sense of the word, you will be training to your power. This "power" is available to everyone. It is the power that allows you to reach and recognize knowledge of your own power and manifestation—a power that has always been yours and can be brought forward to your consciousness.

Level I and Level II teacher of Active Meditation (TIP Academy)

Professional Kinesiology
(PKP) addresses the root cause of energy imbalances, which keep you from achieving your goals - whether in sports, relationships, learning, or coping with life generally. 

Touch For Health (TFH) uses muscle testing to identify and correct energy imbalances/blockages in the Chinese acupuncture system.


Accredited by the Kinesiology College of Canada, Basic Kinesology Program (BKP), Touch For Health (TFH), Professional Kinesiology Program (PKP) - in 3rd year schooling.

Jin Shin Do "Bodymind Acupressure" is designed for the enhancement of physical and emotional well-being and to increase bodymind awareness. (JSD) uses simple direct finger pressure to help relieve common tensions and discomforts.
Accredited by Jin Shin Do: completion of the first two courses.

Emotional Polarity uses muscle testing to identify and correct energy imbalances/blockages by attuning and realigning the chakras by working with the body, mind & spirit.
Teacher: Carol Collins
Crystal Healings: The more you understand crystals, the more effective they're healing qualities are.  By appointnent only.
Tarot Readings: By appointment only.
Distributor of:
Bio-Mat: Amethyst Bio Mat - has a special function that emits Negative ions and transforms positive ions in the human body.
It provides strength and energy in the body and relieves pain.  The Bio-Matt gives you an overall massaging effect, soothing jangled nerves and knotted muscles leaving you feeling rejuventated, renewed and restored in both body and mind. The Amethyst Bio Mat is available in 4 size mats: professional bio mat which is a travel massage table size, twin, queen and king size mats as well.
Usana: Vitamins, Dietary and Nutritional supplements. Sense Beautiful Science skin care.
Young Living Oils: Medicinal Quality - Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.