barbara foreman

Introduction to oxidative stress, the use of anti-oxidants,
glycemic stress and nutritional ways to promote good health


Barbara Foreman is a Health Advocate who has been studying nutrition and health as a personal interest for over 30 years and is passionate about helping people make healthy choices in diet, maintaining a regular exercise routine and employing active meditation to assist body, emotions, the mind and the spirit to vibrate as one.  She has developed an association with Usana Health Sciences since 2003, employing both the wealth of health information they provide and using their exceptional nutritional products to maintain her own health, as well as to further her work with her clients.

Barbara is also a teacher of the Active Meditation practice  and offers intuitive bodywork in her practice to assist people to get in touch with areas of their physical form that need Light and attention.

Barbara also offers a facial event called Nutrition for the Skin, which educates on the value of caring for our largest organ, the skin. Using patented Self-Preserving Technology, Sense Beautiful Science is the first and only skin care in the world which has eliminated both paraben and formaldehyde-forming preservatives without turning to essential oils, which provide a more natural preservation but can be harsh on the skin. Incorporated into this 2 hour session is knowledge of the use of both anti-oxidant and low-glycemic nutrition to assist our skin from the inside out as well as learning how to apply these products yourself in a self-given facial

Barbara is honoured to be invited to participate in this wonderful JOURNEY to WELLNESS AND TRANSFORMATION