Heavy Metal Toxicity

“Environmental toxicity, especially exposure to heavy metals, is the number one barrier to our health and longevity. These toxins poison the neurological, immunological and endocrine systems and are the basis of most of the dreaded health conditions affecting us today.”
- Dr. Lyn Hanshew, MD, ND

An expert on toxicity sources, levels, and their effects on you & your family. Her studies have documented a firm connection between mercury toxicity and addictive patterns in teenagers.

Toxicity is big news – a larger problem than anyone will admit.

News Reports about Heavy Metal Poisoning:

Natural Cellular Defense

Some 70,000 chemicals are being dumped into our environment, 65,000 of which are potentially hazardous to our health. We live in a virtual sea of pollutants, and carry many of these toxins within us. They can be found even in unborn children. A 2004 study by the Environmental Working Group identified 287 industrial chemicals in babies’ umbilical-cord blood, including 180 known to cause cancer and 217 that are toxic to the brain and nervous system...

Zeolite is a product that can address heavy metal toxicity.

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