Throughout the ten years I maintained a home in Vancouver, Sheila Snow was one of my points of grounding. I would see her on a semi-regular basis whether I needed a stress- relief massage or to delve into deeper levels of physical and spiritual healing. Sheila remains to this day one of the few healers in my life whom I trust implicitly and whom without a doubt guides me to new levels of growth and clarity in precisely the direction I most need to be heading with love and care and unfailing expertise.

Gillian Anderson
London, England


Sheila's massage is so beyond anything I've ever had before by way of massage…Her quality of touch is outstanding.  The level of pressure is perfect…I feel like a whole new person!  My posture is better; I'm walking better, and I feel better…

Sheila does techniques I've never experienced by incorporating her chiropractic knowledge (such as spine stretches between vertebrae) and...as a result of her really caring a lot about what she does, her massage is far and beyond what other practitioners are doing.

Heidi Wills, client
Seattle, WA


Sheila Snow has an uncanny sense about what it is that ails you. Just by looking at me standing she can tell where I need work. Our sessions really help me re-focus on my body & it’s energy channels. If I had more money I’d have a session every 3 days.

Cole Shuker
Whistler, BC


Sheila Snow is very intuitive when it comes to the human body.  She knows what ails you. She is very professional, sensitive and has a wonderful sense of humor. When someone really loves what they do, it shows – Sheila was born to do this.  Our sessions together really help me relax and get centered again. Our 3 year old even asks for Sheila’s magic hands.

Elizabeth Chaplin
Whistler, BC

Thank you so much for your healing hands – you are truly gifted.

Kathi Raeber
Vernon, BC

Wow! You're like a walking Non-pharmacy!

Betty Selin
Vernon, BC - SUN FM Sunrise show host

Sheila's dedication and energy towards her path as a healer shines through in her work. I have received many treatments from her and have come out of them with an amazing clarity of mind which in turn has lead to supporting the healing taking place in my body. Sheila has a gift that can be felt on a cellular and universal level. She has a beautiful touch that leaves you floating and free. Her intuitive messages guide her through your body targeting those much needed areas for healing, shifting and releasing. I feel privileged to be able to receive such powerful healing work. Every session I come out with a new awareness for my body, feeling centered and full of light! My body thanks you Sheila for your touch of light to fill the darkness.

Farren Assaly
Vernon, BC

I had the wonderful privilege of seeing Sheila Snow for a day of healing in September 2006. Sheila performed the Rain Drop Therapy on me. Wow, what an experience! Sheila as a competent therapist, explained to me, throughout the process of what the purpose of the Rain Drop Therapy was. First I'd like to say, I had a wonderful experience with the raindrop therapy. I felt awesome for days! However, what I want to share with you, is, during my session with Sheila, she explained the purpose of the rain drop therapy and what affects it would have on my body and that it would continue to work on my body for up to a week after the session. Well, you can imagine my surprise when 2 days later, I was chatting on the phone and I got this itch in my scalp, I scratch and low and behold, a 1/4 of an inch piece of metal came out. So I thought, geez, where was I today, couldn't come up with a reasonable answer, so I let the thought go. Then a few hours later, I got this itch on my stomach, again scratch and yet another smaller piece of metal comes out, now this time, I am thinking, ok, this isn't a coincidence! Another couple of hours later, I find another smaller piece of metal, on my leg. So I began thinking about, where have I been? When it dawns on me, that I had a beautiful Rain Drop Therapy Session with Sheila Snow a few days before. I had no doubts about what had happen to me. The rain drop therapy works on purging the metals in your body! So, raindrop therapy works, and it continues to work on you! I want to share with anyone who is considering the Rain Drop Therapy. Do it, you won't regret it. I don't!

V Bowack
Vernon, B.C.